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Paragraph about ” My reading room”

My reading room

The room which is used for reading is called reading room. I am a student. So, I have a reading room. My reading room is not so big. But it is very nice. It is twelve feet long and eight feet wide. My reading room is faces the south. It has two doors and four windows. So plenty of light and air can easily enter into the room. There are two chairs, a table, an electric fan and a nice bookshelf in my reading room. There is a table clock on the table. There is also an almirah in my reading room. I keep the important books in the almirah. My reading room is well ventilated. There is a flower garden in front of my reading room. As a result, , sweet fragrance  of flowers comes to my reading room. I always keep my reading room neat and clean. I fell fresh and comfortable in my reading room. I like my reading room very much.

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