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*** Suppose your father is a service holder, who lives abroad. He has wanted to know about your progress of studies. Now, send a message through E-mail to your father informing him your progress of studies.

From          :

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Sent            : Monday; February 13, 2023

Subject       : About the progress of my studies.

My Dear Father,

Accept my salam at the outset of the e-mail. How are you? I am keeping well. You will be very glad to know that I have taken a good preparation for the annual examination. From the very beginning I have been going on with my studies with full attention. It is known to you that I always have cut a figure in Mathematics. I hope I would be able to obtain the highest marks in this subject. You know I am weak in English. But under the guidance of a private teacher, I have made better progress in it. I hope I shall get full marks in this subject.  I am still working hard. I have good preparation for the other subjects. I have made excellent hand notes in every subject. Please pray for me.

No more today. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Have a nice time.

Yours loving daughter


** চাইলে হলুদ দাগ দেওয়া লাইন সমুহ বাদ দিতে পারবে।

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