Paragraph about "Annual price giving ceremony  "

Annual price giving ceremony 

Recreation is a must in any sector of life. Student life is also a life full of study. So every year all the schools arrange annual sports and prize giving ceremony. Through this ceremony students become fresh minded and ready to study. The prize giving ceremony and annual sports thus play an important role in bringing the refreshment the students and the teachers as well as. The day of the day generally becomes a festival for the locality. The prize day ceremony in an occasion of great joy not to the teachers and the students but also to the guardians and the general public. The school wears a festive look. Generally students decorate the school campus. Many students of the school take part in the decoration program. In the function many learned and honorable persons are invited. They deliver their valuable speech to the students. On this occasion prizes are given to the students for their good results and proficiency in different subjects. Some students get prizes for their attendance and some for their conduct. Again some students who show specia skills  in various games and sports and in athletic activities receive prizes.
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