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Paragraph about “How to observe a birthday “

 How to observe a birthday

The day which a man is born , is the most important day in his life. This is why a man can not forget  this day and throughout his life he celebrates this day. Many celebrate this day by giving a party which is known as birthday party.  Celebrating of birthday has become a part  of our culture . A birthday is an annual anniversary. It is a joyous  occasion to a person especially to the young. It has now become a fashionable occasion in towns and cities. It comes once a year with joy and happiness. If anybody wants to arrange  a birthday party he has to do certain things. First the room where the celebration will take place should be decorated . If there are so many guests  the room should be a large one. Then a birthday cake should be placed on the middle point  of the room. Next the person attending the party stands round  the table where the cake is placed . There are some wax candles placed around the cake. Before cutting the cake the candles are blown off . Then with the hand clapping  and a wishing ‘happy birthday to you’ the cake is cut. After this the small pieces of cakes are distributed  among  the guests. Finally there may be a short cultural function  such as dancing, singing song to make the party a joyful one. The party may be made memorable  with the help of a video camera.  In this way anyone can observe  a birthday party.

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