Paragraph about " Leisure Activities"

Leisure Activities

Leisure is time free from obligations , work, and tasks. Leisure can also be viewed  as activities that people engage  in during their free time—activities that are not work oriented or that do not involve life maintenance  tasks. Leisure activities mean enjoying one’s free time. There are many source of enjoying leisure activities. One can enjoy his leisure activities by reading books, watching television, playing various sports, going out with friends, browsing the internet,  playing video games, playing musical instruments, listening to the music, going to the park, going to cultural locations and events, going to shopping, by cooking, studying something and gardening etc. Enjoying leisure activities is very necessary for our life. Our life is full of activities and actions. One can tackle  them by his mental and physical fitness. By taking proper leisure activities can improves our mental fitness and satisfaction .  It is said that mere  monotonous life cannot make one’s knowledge complete unless  one see the things with one’s own  eyes. Enjoying leisure activities is not only interesting but also instructive  It widens  one’s knowledge. Enjoying leisure activities is a part and parcel  of our life. It can relieve  from monotony. It is helpful in order to new taste. It is important in promoting quality of life. It gives mental satisfaction, enjoyment and pleasure. It increases the opportunity to gain and develop new friendships. It allows us to experience new things. Taking leisure activities, particularly outdoors, can improve one’s physical wellness .
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