Paragraph about "How to make a telephone call"

How to make a telephone call

Modern science has presented  us various  wonderful  and interesting things. Telephone is one of them. Now- a- days it is a popular medium  of communication . It is very easy to communicate with others by the help of a telephone. But it is very necessary for us to know how to make a telephone call. To make a telephone call is very easy. First, One has to know the phone number of the person to whom the call is made from the telephone. Then, he has to lift the receiver. If you have a dial tone (a continuous sound), you dial the number you want. If the dial tone is busy, he has to wait a bit . Next, when the dial tone is got, he has to dial the number again and wait for the sound. The person at the other side of the wire  will say “Hello”. The conversation  between the two persons may go for time they like. Finally, when the conversation is over receiver is to be placed  properly. In this way  one can make a telephone call.
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