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Paragraph about “At the zoo”

At the zoo

To visit any kinds of new place is very interesting and enjoyable. There is a zoo at Mirpur in Dhaka. On last Monday I went to the National Zoo. It is located at the northern part of the Dhaka city. The area of the zoo is very big. It is a beautiful place of numerous known and unknown birds, reptiles  etc. To absorbs  the beauties at first I went to the ticket counter. Then I bought a ticket and went inside. I saw many birds there. The monkeys were jumping from one bar to another bar in the cage. I saw the Royal Bengal Tiger of Bangladesh. It was walking from this side to that side in the cage. I saw the peacocks were dancing. I rode on an elephant. I enjoyed the whole evening at the zoo. I stayed there for about three hours. I enjoyed it so much that the memory of the zoo will remains ever fresh in my heart.

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