Paragraph about "A thirsty crow"

A thirsty crow

 Once upon a time  there was a crow. He lived on the top of a tall mango tree. One summer it was very hot. The crow was out of  its nest. It became very tired  and thirsty . It starts searching  of water. He flew  from one place to another in search of water. There was no pond, tank, river or spring  nearby . So it found not a drop of water anywhere. It made the crow sad. Again the crow flew a long distance and was tired. Suddenly he saw a pitcher under a tree. The crow flew down and sat on the pitcher. The crow looked into  the pitcher. It saw a little water at the bottom of the pitcher. The crow tried  to get  the water. But the water was out of its reach. In spite of  tiredness the crow looked around and saw some pebbles. Then the crow thought for a while and hit upon a plane.  He picked up the pebbles one by one with his beak. He dropped  them one after another into the pitcher. Soon the water came up to the mouth of the pitcher. When the water came up to the mouth of the pitcher he stopped dropping pebbles into it.  Getting the water in its reach the crow became very glad and drank the water. He quenched its thirst  and flew away  happily. There the moral is that “Where there is a will there is a way”.
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