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Paragraph about “Truthfulness “


Truthfulness is the greatest of all the virtues. It makes a man really great. It is the habit of speaking of things as they are. It is the central post of one’s character. Without it, other good aspects of human character bear no value. The true happiness and prosperity depends on it. It ennobles one’s character and gives one a high position in society. To tell a lie is a great sin. Truthfulness is a quality which is very difficult to maintain. All the great men of all the ages of all countries possessed this quality. One who does not speak the truth is neither respected nor trusted. Without cultivating the habit of speaking truth one cannot acquire confidence of others. Therefore, it is the only ladder to humanity. There are many people in our society who speak the truth even at the cost of   their lives. Hence the wise say, ‘Always speak the truth and never tell a lie.’

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