Report on "Corruption in Bangladesh."


Suppose, you are a staff reporter of a national daily. You are asked by the authorities to write a report on corruption in Bangladesh.

Corruption in Bangladesh and its Impact on Society

Staff Reporter, The Morning Sun: Corruption is sapping into the vitality to the nation. It’ll not be oversaid that it has already taken a demonly shape and the biggest challenge of the administration. We can no more say that it is an open secret; it is now an open practice. Corruption prevails from the lowest to the highest position of a government officer. It has already spread in the NGOs and non-government and autonomous organizations.

In spite of the existence of the services like e-settlement record, e-Tin and so forth, corruption is going high to higher. Corruption begets corruption. If a young person holding an M.A. degree falls victim to corruption is getting the post of a sub-inspector of police, he is likely to inflict physical and mental torture to the innocent people with a view to earning bundles of big notes. Similar is the case with any other employee working for any of the organizations of the government. Our conscience asks ourselves how a cleaner working for Shahjalal International Airport can buy two palatial buildings in the city of Dhaka. Corruption paves the way of the rich to become masters and exploit the poor mass. It is the way in which the rich are becoming richer and the poor poorer. An honest poor man is likely to live below the poverty line while a dishonest rich man or an ordinary employee holding  lucrative position is getting ready to buy another plot/flat/house tomorrow.

The civil society is facing a terrible crisis. Who’ll save them? Who’ll bell the cat?

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