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 PEC Exclusive English Model Test – 2018

 PEC Exclusive Model Test – 2018

Primary Education Completion-2018

Subject: English

Time: 2 hours 30 minutes                                                                                                                     Full Marks: 100

[The figures in the margin indicate full Marks]

Read the text and answer the question 1, 2, 3 and 4
Raju is a firefighter. Long time ago, when Raju was in class 5, there was a fire in his school building. Everyone got panicked. But soon a fire brigade came and put out the fire. Raju could not forget this for many days. After finishing HSC, he joined a volunteer fire department. Now, Raju is a full-time firefighter. His main job is putting out fire. He also trains young people to become firefighters. In his free time, Raju likes to visit schools. He speaks about preventing fires. He tells students what to do if there is a fire. He also tells them that they should be physically fit, brave and careful to be firefighters.
1.Choose the best answer from the alternatives.                                                                                               10×1=10
i. A fire fighter ––––– fire.
(a) ignites             b. fans            blows              d. puts out
ii. Raju’s school caught fire he was in class –––––.
a. 2      b. 3               c. 4                  d. 5
iii.  The student –––– to see the fire.
(a) were scared              b. became brave           (b) were disappointed               d. were hopeful
iv. –––––– put out the fire.
(a) the student       b. the teacher       (c) both the teachers and the students (d) a fire brigade
v. Raju ––––– the incident.
(a) forgot              b. remembered                       (c) wrote              d. avoided
vi. Raju is a ––––– fire fighter.
(a) part time                          b. full time         (c) seasonal d. casual
vii. The word ‘put out’ means –––––––
(a) fire           (b). below            (c) extinguish            (d) ignite
viii. A fire fighter should be –––––––                   b. brave           (c) careful             (d). fit, brave and careful
ix. Fire fighter are ––––––
(a) brave            (b). foolish                    (c) unwise             d. weak
x. Fire fighter need ––––
(a) coaching              b. exercise                        (c) training                     d. nothing
2. Match the words of the column A with their meaning that is mentioned in the text in the column B.         5×1=5

Column A Column B
a. ago i. come or bring something to an end.
b. building ii. before now.
c. finish iii. adolescent
b. job iv. Structure with a roofs and wall.
e. young v. Particular piece of work.
f. brave vi. structure
g. firefighter vii. to be familiar with a person or thing.

Or, Write one of the words that completes each sentence. There are two extra words which you do not need to use.                                              5×1=5

About Works School Hard Courageous Teach fire

(a) A firefighter should be ––––––

(b) A fire bridge puts out the ––––––

(c) Raju –––––– as a firefighter.

(d) Raju teachers people ––––– firefighting.

(e) The fire in his ––––––– panicked everybody.

3. Answer the following questions.  5×2=10

(a) What is Raju?

(b) Who is a firefighter?

(c) What are the duties of a fire fighter?

(d) When was there a fire in Raju’s school?

(e) Who put out the fire?

4. Write a short composition on “A Fire Fighter” in five sentences. Answer the following questions in your composition.                                                                                                                                                                 10

(a) Who is known as fire fighter?

(b) What type of person is he?

(c) When do we need the help of a fire brigade?

(d) What do they use?

(e) What losses were caused by the fire?

Read the text and answer the question 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.
Today is Friday. The students of class five will go to the book fair. Their class teacher, Ms Fatema Begum will go with them. The bus is waiting at the school gate. The students are getting on the bus. Parents are waiting to see them off. It is a fine day. The sun is shining brightly. The students are very happy. They are carrying bread, butter, bananas, eggs etc, for their breakfast. Ms Fatema is taking some chocolate too. Rubina is also carrying a camera. It’s already 9 o’clock. The students leave the school for the fair.They reach the fair at 10. They get down, go round and enjoy themselves. They buy books of rhymes, jokes, dictionaries with pictures, novels etc. the students return home in the evening.

5. Chose the best answer.                                           10×1=10   

(i) The day is ––––––

(a) a holiday                     b. a working day               (c)  a rainy day              d. a foggy day

(ii) The students will go to –––––
(a) book fair                          b. village              (c) trade fair                d. business fair
iii. Ms Fatema Begum is –––––––
(a) teacher               b. an accountant                          (c) the headmistress                        (d). a doctor
(iv) The students will go by –––––––
a.bus    b. train   (c) on foot               d. dark
(v) The sky was ––––––
(a) clear                          b. cloudy                       (c) foggy                          d. taxi
(vi) The students are very ––––––
(a) happy                       b. gloomy                  (c) sad                    d. annoyed
vii. Ms. Fatema is –––––––
(a) the class teacher            b. the English teacher            (c) the headmistress                    d. the computer teacher
viii. The students leave the school ––––––9 o’clock.
(a) before                       b. after            (c) at                                 d. ago
(ix) The students are going to the fair on –––––
(a) Sunday                    b. Friday            (c) Saturday v                     d. Monday                                                                                 (x) The students reach the fair –––––– (a) before                    b. at        (c) after                                         d. within
(6) Write one of the words that completes each sentence. There are three extra words which you do not need to use.  

Reach Surprise Woke Bus
Curious Waiting Fair visible

(a) The students are going to the ––––– Friday.
(b) The students ––––– the fair at 10.
(c) The sun was ––––––
(d) The students are getting on the ––––––
(e) Parents are –––––– to see them off.
7. Answer the following questions.                                                                                                                  
(a) Who will go to the book fair?
b. Who will go to with the students?
c. Who is Ms. Fatema Begum?
d. What are the students carrying with them for their breakfast? (e) . Suppose, you visited a book fair yesterday. Now write about it.Write a short compositing on “A visit to a book fair” in five sentences.                                                  10
8. Suppose, your class went to a fair. Now, write a letter to your friend describing the fair.
Here are some words to help you: address, date, salutation, main points of the letter, closing.

 Recent book fair – description of the fair – transport –
condition of the day – buying books – enjoyment


9. Read the instruction about keeping your room clean, and then answer the following question:                     1+2+2 =5
(i) Keep your books in a book shelf.
(ii) Keep books on the reading table when you need them.
iii. Keep a waste basket in your room.
(iv) Put any waste materials in that basket.
(v) Sweep your room regularly.

Knowledge Understanding Application
Q. When do you sweep your room? Q. Why should you keep your room clean? Q. How do you keep your room clean?

10. Fill in the gaps by writing the time so that the story makes sense.                                                              5
My name is Nirob. Tomorrow I will start for the book fair with my sister at about (a)–––––––. We will reach there at about (b)–––––––. We will stay there for two hours. We will start for home at about (c)–––––. We will reach home at about (d)––––––. At about (e)––––––, we will have our dinner.

11. Arrange and rewrite the following words so that they make sense.                                                        1×5=5
(a) tionttena
b. Chittagong, her, lives, sister, in
(c) now what time is it?
d. village there in school is a our.
e. school go how you to do?
12. Suppose, your friend Snigdha/Nirob wants to take admission in class five in your school. The following is an admission form. Fill it in for him.                                                                                                           5

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