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Paragraph about “Street Beggar “

Street Beggar

The beggar who begs alms in the street is called a street beggar. Begging is not an employment. It is a curse to any country. A street beggar is a familiar figure in towns and cities. He is usually seen to beg sitting or standing by the roadsides. Railway stations, bus stands, launch and steamer gates are generally haunted by street beggars. They are also seen on the way to mosque or Eidgah. The street beggars may be a child a male or female. A mother with a child is also seen. Sometimes a street beggar is alone and sometimes in a company. They are young or old, weak or strong. Blind and lame beggars are also seen there. A street beggar has a bag hanging down his shoulder. A street beggar looks strange with dirty and tor cloths. Bad smell emits from his clothes. His hair is unabashed without oil.  All the street beggars have their own way of life and mode of approaching for alms. He tries his best to draw the sympathy of the passers-by with his peculiar voice. Sometimes he is seen reciting some sentences of the Holly Quran or the Kalema and asks for money in the name of Allah and his holly prophet. As soon as a passer-by coming, a beggar stretches out his hand or begging bowl for help. Someone takes pity on him and gives a coin or two and go on his way. Again, someone becomes disgusted with his loud shouts and avoids him. A street beggar usually gets a small amount. Infect, he leads a hard and miserable life.  Begging encourages idleness and immorality. That is why many countries of the world street begging is forbidden. Our government should take necessary steps to uproot this disgraceful habit from the country as soon as possible.

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