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Paper is one of the mentionable gift of modern science. It is one of the most essential asset of human  civilization. It is also a part and parcel of our civilization. Paper is generally made of old rags, grass, straws, bamboo and other fiber  things. In our country, now-a-days, to make paper, we use the green plants. Paper is generally a very thin  thing on which we write. There are many colors of paper. Such as white, red, blue, yellow, green etc. There are many kinds of papers. Some are thin and some are coarse and other is foolscap size paper. We use thin paper for writing and printing . We use coarse paper for packing things. Colored paper is used for making fancy  goods  and decoration. Foolscap size paper is generally used in printing books, magazines and newspaper.  Paper is very useful to us. Now-a-days, we cannot do even for a day without paper. We write on paper, our books are made of paper, news is printed on paper. We can not think of education without paper. It is said paper and education go hand and hand together. To keep our office records we use paper. In short, paper is very necessary for our personal  social and political life.  Paper is the most valuable gifts of science. Its usefulness is unavoidable . It should be available to us. Our government should take proper stepsto produce  it largely to meet our demand.
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