Paragraph about " My mother"

My mother

The person  whom  I love very much is my mother. I have a very good mother. Her name is Selina Ahmed (Shelly). She is about 45 years old. She is very gentle , polite, affectionate  and intelligent. My mother is an ideal  housewife . She manages the family very nicely. She keeps our house neat and clean . I help her works whenever I get time. We have a maid servant to help my mother. My mother is a woman of good taste. She looks after the whole family and takes care of everyone. She is an educative  woman. She takes good care of our education. I depend  on my mother not only for food and care but also for my studies .  She is my best teacher and guide . I love her and consider  her as my best friend.  She wants me well educated. She is always worried about our health and studies . She always advises us to be person of principle. My mother is very religious . She says her prayers five times a day. She reads book when  she gets time.  My mother is very kind and helpful to the poor. She is an intimate  woman. She likes to keep good terms  with her neighbors . She is a woman of plain living and high thinking. I am proud of having such an ideal mother.
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