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Paragraph about “My Father “

My Father

The person whom  I love very much is my father. I have a very good father. His name is Abu Kalam He is about 45 years old. He is very gentle, polite and intelligent. My father is a man of good taste. He is an educative man. He takes good care of our education. He is my best teacher and guide. I love him and consider him as my best friend.  He wants me well educated. He is always worried about our health and studies. He always advises us to be person of principle. My father is very religious. He says his prayers regularly. He spends his leisure time by reading books. Sometimes he works in his garden.  My father is very kind and helpful to the poor. He likes to keep good terms with his neighbors. He is a man of plain living and high thinking. I am proud of having such an ideal father.

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