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Paragraph about “My class Teacher “

My class Teacher

A man or woman who teaches the students in any educational institution  is called a teacher. The name of my class teacher is Mr. Abu Kalam. He is about 35 years old. He is a B.A. B. Ed. He teaches us English. He is tall, young, and good looking. His method of teaching is very easy and nice. He makes the lesson interesting. He never feels tired. When he teaches us, he seems to be a living store house of knowledge. Sometimes, he cuts jokes. So we enjoy his class very much. He enters the class in time . We all keep silent and listen to him when he teaches. He behaves well with us. He knows well how to increase the curiosity of the students. His general nature is good. He makes us confident. He is never rude but friendly with us. He keeps us busy at school and at home. He takes good care of our education. He is very punctual. He always helps us in the class. He is our favorite teacher. We are really proud of having such an ideal teacher.

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