Paragraph about "My Childhood'or "Childhood Memories"

My childhood

 Human life is divided into four periods. These are childhood, youth, middle age and old age. Of all these, childhood is the most interesting and memorable. Childhood memories are the thoughts of something that one had seen, done or experienced in childhood. Every man or woman has childhood memories. I have also some memories. Very often these memories are reflected on my mind. In the age of my childhood my parents and I would visit the zoo, the children’s park, wonderland and other interesting places during the holidays. During my holidays I used to go to the railway line. There I and my friends gathered pebbles and watched the train passing through the line. Sometimes we passed time by searching birds. The first day of my school was perhaps the most important day in my life. My father took me to school and I had to face an admission test with many other small children. I played cricket and football with my friends in the afternoon. I was fond of both indoor and outdoor games. Chess was one of my favourite indoor games. I had other hobbies like gardening and stamp collecting. All my memories are not joyful. I have also some painful incidents. The most painful of them is the death of my grandmother. I will never forget his love and advice to me. However, past is always golden to us. It is difficult to forget the days of one’s childhood. Childhood memories give us both pleasure and pain. We try to get relief in the past days of our childhood.
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