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Paragraph about “Milk “


Milk is very nutritious ideal food. It is a liquid  substance. It is white in cooler. It is a balanced diet.   It is well-known to all the countries of the world. Cows, camels , goats, buffaloes  etc. Give us milk. It grows much energy in our body. It is the main food for babies.  Various kinds of nutritious foods are made from milk. Ghee, butter , curd, sweetmeat, Ice-cream etc are made from milk. To make tea tasteful  milk is mixed  with it.  It keeps the brain  cool. It plays a very important role to build up our health. So we should drink milk regularly. Many countries of the world export  milk to another courtiers and earn  a lot of foreign exchange.  But in our country, there is lack of  milk. So we should try our best to increase  its production .

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