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Paragraph about “How to become a good student “

How to become a good student

A good student is loved by all. A good student is an asset  to his family as well to an institution. To become a good student, at first a student must read regularly , attentively  and needs to do better in the examination. Only a few  days’ hard labourer can not make a student brilliant. In order to do that he must try  all the year round . But it is not easy  task . He has to follow  some rules and regulations  to reach the goal . First, he has to study hard, avoid  cramming, be serious and sincere  in his daily routine. He should be regular and sit in the front  bench. He should be attentive so that he might listen to what the teacher says. Then, he should make his own  notes and revise  them, should do his homework regularly and consult  with the related teachers if any difficulty arises . Next, he should have a good command  over the subject. After that, he should understand what he reads. Sometimes he may have to face unexpected  questions. In that case he will have to prepare to answer them off hand. Finally, he should enrich  his knowledge of language. Good preparation and practice  will help someone to become a good student. He should have respect towards  his superiors , teachers and parents  who will help him in this subject.

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