Paragraph about "How to arrange a picnic party "

How to arrange a picnic party

My younger brother is now a student of class eight. Their annual examination is over a few days ago. He told me he would like to go for a picnic  but he does not know how to arrange  a picnic party. This is what I told him in reply. First he should convene a meeting in his friends and settle an amount of contribution . And the meeting also settles the picnic spot and date. Then he will make various committee, each committee will perform separate  job. One group will be responsible for collecting the contributions, other groups will arrange the communication  means. There will be the other group to do marketing. Other group will be responsible for show. There will be another group that is responsible  for feeding the party. Thus under the main committee there will be many subcommittee as per the job specification  of the picnic. Every subcommittee will be liable to the main committee for accountability  and dis-charging their duty. After that I also told him that all should have unquestioning obedience to the main committee. Otherwise the hole arrangements will become unsuccessful  for the failure of one group. Finally, all will get an experience   of having group job how the problems can be overcome.
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