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Paragraph about “Common Birds of Bangladesh “

Common Birds of Bangladesh

The birds which we can see often are called common birds. They are the crow, the doel, the sparrow, the Shalik, the kingfisher, the parrot etc. The crow is the most common of all. It is black in cooler. We can see it everywhere. Most of the birds live in trees. Some birds live in houses such as sparrows, parrots and mainas. The maina is a black bird with a yellow ring in its throat and the parrot has a red beak, green feathers and a slender body. The cuckoo is a seasonal bird. We can see it in the spring. Birds add charm and beauty of our country. Birds are hot happy in cages. Birds eat different types of fruits, insects, small fishes, break, rice and core. In the winter season, we can see many new birds in our country. They come from different foreign countries. Many people like to watching birds. We should take care to preserve this wonderful gift of Nature.

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