Paragraph about "Book Fair "

Book Fair

The fair where books are displayed and sold is called book fair. It is held almost  every year in the most important places of the country. The book lovers  go to this fair. The teachers and the students also go to this fair very much. The poets and the writers also go to this fair. There are many book stalls in this fair where we can see the books of home and abroad  All kinds of books  are available in this fair. There are some stalls   in the fair where the visitors  take relax and take light meals. A book fair becomes crowdy in the afternoon. But it becomes very crowdy in the holiday  . A book fair is very useful to us. We can buy books from according to our choice .   Besides we can meet  in the fair with the writers and the poets and the poets. We can share   our ideas with them. It is called store house of knowledge. It gives in us an opportunity of knowledge about the books of home and abroad. By buying books from the book fair we are greatly benefited. So we should welcome to its introduction.
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