Paragraph about " A village fair."

A village fair.

A Village fair is a large gathering place for men, women and children. It is an annual affair. A village fair is a place where the villagers meet to buy and sell things. The village people gather here to sell and buy things. A village fair generally sits in the bank of a river, or in the yard of a temple. It is held in the beginning day of Baisak or death anniversary of holly man. It lasts a day or a week. A village fair is a kind of exhibition . Many kinds of people bring their handmade articles for sell and display. Clothes, cheap ornaments, cosmetics, utensils, bamboo made articles, sweetmeats and many other attractive things are sold in the village fair. There are some attractions of a village fair. The main attractions are Jatra, circus, doll dance, magic show etc. The usefulness of a village fair are many. It encourages  cottage industries, artisans, craftsmen, potters , weavers, A village fair has some demerits . It has no proper  sanitation Gambling parties are often seen in a village fair. It is a noisy and unhealthy place. The pickpockets gather there. A village fair gives us much joys and pleasures. It is a source of recreation . It gives us relief from our monotony life. So there should be held more fairs for the prosperity of our culture.
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