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Paragraph about “A garden”

A garden

Garden is the source of enjoyment. A garden means where grows some special kinds of plants. A suitable land is necessary for a garden. That land must be sunny. During the rainy season water must not stand on it. The land has to be prepared well and manured. I have a flower garden. It is situated in front of my reading room. I have planted many kinds of flowers in my garden. Such as rose, beli, dalia, hasna – hena, gondhoraj in my garden.  I have made a fence around my garden. I work in my garden during my free time. I loose the soil with the spades, weed out grass and put fertilizers in it. Then I sow the seeds of different flowers. Sometimes I water in my garden. When all the flowers bloom, my flower garden looks very beautiful. I fell very happy when the sweet scent  of flowers come into my room.

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