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Paragraph about “A flower garden “

     A flower garden

Garden may be many kinds. Such as flower garden, vegetable garden etc. A flower garden means a small plot of land where various kinds of flowers are grown. Water must not stand on the flower garden during  the rainy season. Before planting  flowers the piece of land has to be cultivate  well and should clean the weeds  and also mix manure  with the soil. Then the seeds of various kinds of flowers are sown. After a few days plants grow. A gardener  or the owner  of the garden works in it everyday. He makes the soil loose and pulls out  and the weeds. Sometimes he sows the seeds of new flower plants and waters them regularly. A fence  is made around a flower garden to keep away  goats, cows and naughty children. When all the flowers bloom,  it looks very charming. In the moon-lit night the flowers look like stars in the sky. A very sweet scent  spreads  all around. A flower garden adds to the beauty  of a house. Flowers do not satisfy our bodily hunger They satisfy the hunger of our mind . We should take much care of a flower garden. To cultivate a flower garden is not very expensive. So every family should have a flower garden.

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