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My Favorite Author-The Author I Like Most – Essay

My Favorite Author-The Author I Like Most

Introduction: There are so many writers in the world who write for the betterment of the world and people. It is not possible for one to read all of them. But I have read the eminent books of many distinguished authors. These have filled my mind with pleasure. But the books of Syed Mustaba  Ali have a special attraction for me. So, he is my favorite author.

Why I like: Syed Mustaba Ali was a born writer. He has contributed much to the literature of Bangla. I have gone through almost all the books written by him. They have showed me the light of the day and opened my mind’s eye. I admire his learning. His way of writing charms me. His ready wit and sense of humour have a great demand. 

Depth of knowledge : He knows Bengali, English, Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit, German and French. He is acquainted with the literature in all these languages. He quotes freely from the authors. His quotations de always interesting and appropriate. This is why, I like his books most.

Technique of writing : His manner of saying about his knowledge of the world is really a source of pleasure. The more I read his books, the greater enjoyment I do get from Syed Mustaba Ali, a great scholar. His way of writing is laudable and attractive. He sometimes introduces stories from other languages very tactfully. Thus he cites examples from all sources. But none of them burdens his writing. His language is very simple and lucid. This is why, it wins the mind of the people easily.

Sources of knowledge : Syed Mustaba Ali has travelled many counties of the world. His travel has enriched his mind greatly. With this enriched knowledge, he has written his books. So, the account of his travels is so rich and interesting. When I read his books. I share his experience. It appears that I see things with my own eyes.

Conclusion : His style of writing is simple and direct. His mode of writing makes everything charming. I cannot but read his books again and again. Every time I find new interest in them. So, I like him most and he is my favorite author.

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