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Life in the Village – Essay

Life in the Village

Introduction : “Man made the town and God made the country” so sings the poet. The village is the heart of the country. More than ninety percent of the people live in the villages. Village life in our country began and developed with the beginning of the British rule. The British merchants came here with commercial goods. Despite it, life in the village is free from the dim and bustle of the town.

How interesting : Life in the village has some charms. The village is spacious. So life is leisurely and not congested. The beautiful things of nature make the life in a village more interesting and enjoyable. The village people are simple, religious and conservative. They cultivate the land and raise food for the people living in towns. They are not mostly educated. So they are ignorant of the modern method of agriculture.

Disadvantages : Village life has some disadvantages. The village lacks many amenities of modern life. All villages do not have good communication. Facilities for education, sanitation and medical treatment are rather limited. There lives hardly any good doctor in the village. So village people have to depend upon quacks for medical treatment. In case of need, the villagers have to go to the town for good doctors, medicine and good education. In the rainy season village roads become muddy. Previously they did not have the modern sources of enjoyment such as the theater, television, electricity etc but at present they have all. There are no good arrangements for education. Previously people living in the village were deprived of the minimum comforts of life. But now, because of reaching electricity in the remote corner of the country, the village people get all facilities.

Natural beauty : The village is the seat of natural beauty. The fresh breeze blow in the morning and in the evening. They cools our tired body. The sky looks beautiful at sunrise and sunset. Birds sing sweetly. Trees give cool shade. Boats sail in the rivers. These are not found in towns. So people can live in the village in peace.

Life span of the people : In the village, there are three classes of people — the rich, the middle class and the laborers. Their ways of living are also different. The rich are generally idle and ease loving. They hardly rise at dawn. After breakfast, they go out and inspect their work, talk over village disputes and try to settle them down. After dinner, they take rest for a while. In the evening, they play the games like chess. cards, dice etc. The middle class people are educated to some extent. They are the teachers, physicians, rent collectors etc.

Type of people: The farmers, artists, weavers, carpenter, potters, fishermen, blacksmiths etc. are the laboring classes. They generally poor. They can hardly manage two square meals a day. They rise at day-break and work all day long. After sun-set, they enjoy singing Jari, Sari, Apon Dolal etc. Sometimes a man reads a ‘Puthi’ before them. They find interest in it. Though they are poor, their general health is good.

Advantages : In spite of all the draw-backs of village life, the villagers appear to be contented. They can laugh even in their utmost miserable condition. In the evening, the boys and the girls gather in the field to play the native games. There runs an echo of joy in the play ground.

Conclusion: A village is more neat and clean than a town. Nature’s beauty smiles in a life in a village which is happy and simple. The villagers have a strong sense of friendship. They have love and sympathy for one another in dangers and distress.

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