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Important Grammar for different Competitive Exams

Right Form Of Verbs

i)  Right Form of Verbs [Exercise 01]
i) Right Form of Verbs [Exercise 02]
i) Right Form of Verbs [Exercise 02]

Sentence [According to meaning]

i) What is sentence? How many kinds of sentence? Write their definition with two examples.


i) Present Tense in details
i) Past Tense in details
i) Future Tense in details


1. Articles Practice with Answer. Part: 01
2. Articles Practice with Answer. Part: 02
3. Articles Practice with Answer. Part: 03
4. Articles Practice with Answer. Part: 04

Voice Change

1.  Voice of Factitive Object”
2. Voice with “cognate object”
3. Voice with “Quasi-Passive verb”
4. Voice with “Modals”
5.  Voice with “Reflexive objects”
6.  Voice with “it is/was time”

7.  Voice with “Present Participle”
8. Voice with “Gerund”
9.  Voice with “bare infinitive”
10. Voice with “Infinitive”
11. Voice with “there”
***  Voice Change of Imperative Sentence. 

Conditional Sentence

1. Conditional Sentence: Practice with answer

Transformation Of Sentences

2. Assertive to Exclamatory

Degree Change

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