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Essay/Composition “Country Life versus (VS) city Life”

Country Life versus (VS) city Life

Introduction: Country life is usually different from city life on a number of grounds, In both the lives, however, there are advantages and disadvantages.  Country life is usually more simple and easy going than city life.

Environment:  Country life is better than city life considering the environment. In villages people enjoy a pollution free healthy environment. But city’s are heavily being polluted. In a city there are air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, so our pollution and so on.  City people get no opportunity to breathe free and pure air, or to enjoy clear sunshine.

Relationship among people: Country life is also better than city life considering the relationship among the4 people. Village people live in close harmony among themselves. If a person in a village is in danger, other in his/her. This is why, about city life Rabindranth Tagore once said: “Bricks upon bricks, inside the men-insects and no live exists.”

Facilities: However, city life is better than country life on the grounds of facilities such as education, Medicare, jobs etc. Usually big colleges and universities are located in the city area. So city people can send their sons and daughters to good educational institutions. Famous hospitals and medical centers are also located in the city area. So city people enjoy more medical and education facilities than the village people. Again cities provide more jobs to the people because big offices, industries, supermarkets etc are situated here. City life also provides more amusement and recreation to its dwellers. There are the fashionable parlous, hotels, restaurants, clubs etc for the rich people in the city.

Common grounds: Now a days because of technological development difference between village life and city life is being reduced. Today most villages have been electrified. So villagers are also keeping TV, refrigerators etc. Village life is also losing its serenity because of the influence of city life.

Conclusion: Both city life and country life have their respective charms and problems. One of the English poets has said, “God made the village, and man made the city”. It is true that today more and more people especially the young people prefer city life. But, to many people village life is still a better chides than the artificial champs of city life.

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