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English Essay/Composition “The postman”

The postman

 A postman is a person who delivers letters, money orders and other postal articles to the proper addresses. The postman is known to all. He is the most eagerly awaited person to us. He brings news from our near and dear one’s. He is a petty government servant. A postman works in a post office. He is a familiar figure. He is well known to all both in towns and in villages. He is the best friend of the people.

The postman has a special dress. He is a familiar figure to us for his special dress. The postman puts on a khaki dress. Generally he has a cap on his head. He has a letter bag hanging across his shoulder. He moves from house to house and delivers letters, money orders etc. to the addressees. From this a boy can say, “This is a postman”.

The postman is very dutiful. He has to do many works. He gets up early in the morning. His daily works begins in the morning. He attends the post office in time. Then he sorts letters, money orders and parcels. Then he goes to deliver them. A postman has to do more other duties too. He sells postcards, envelops and stamps to the village people. He has to walk a long distance to finish his duties in time.

The life of a postman is not easy. His duty is full of responsibility. He has to be regular in his duties. He has to lead a busy, punctual and dutiful life. His failure in duties may cause great harm to the people.

A good postman has many qualities. He is very dutiful and sincere. A good postman does not care for sun and rain, hot and cold. Without need he does not keep sitting at a place. He does his duties properly.

The postman is a very useful servant of us. He is a great friend of the people. We can not do without his service. He does a very useful work to us. He brings us news home and abroad. He works just like a machine. He brings good news and sometimes ill. So, the postman is the most awaited person to us.

The service of a postman is great important. He does a very responsible work. In all seasons in good or bad weather, He does his duty. But the postman gets a small pay. So, he should be well paid so that he may do his duty with full attention Otherwise, we should behave with him gently and kindly.

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