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English Essay/Composition “Our Village”, Our Native Village

Our Village

Some boys and girls like sweets more than any things else; some like to leave  their village and more about in towns and cities. But I like my village every thing. The poet has truly said—

“Home, home sweet home,
There’s no place like home.”

The name of our village is Mominpur at Shrepur. It is in the district of Gazipur. It is one mile and half mile wide. It is not far from thana.

About five thousand people live in our village. Most of the villagers are Muslims. The rest are Hindus. People from different communities live here in peace.

Most of the villagers of our village are farmers. So the main occupation of the people of our village is agriculture. There are also people of other occupation. Some are doctor, some are teacher, some are grocers, some are tailor; some are potters etc.

There are two High Schools, two Primary Schools, a girl’s School, a K.G. School, a Mosque and a Madrasha. Boys and girls of this village receive education in these institutions. There are two Banks, a post office, a Union Parisad in our village.

There is a big market in the middle place of our village. It is very useful for the villagers. People buy and sell various kinds of things in this market.

Our village has a good communication system with the thana. There is a Bisho road that runs across our village. Buses and Rickshaw are coming and going on the road all the time. So, the communication of this village is easy.

The natural scenery of our village is very fine. Our village is a land of beauties. It is a lovely little village with many green trees and sweet flowers. Many kinds of scenery are seen in different seasons.

Our village is famous for various cultural activities like ‘Jatra’, Jarigan, the boat race and the bullock race etc.

The climate of our village is good for health. We have no want of drinking water, fish, milk, meat and vegetables are available here. So the villagers are healthy and active.

Our village is an ideal village. We love our village. We are proud of our village.

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