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English Essay/Composition “Our School”

Our School

 Introduction: The name of our school is Milestone School. It is one of the best schools in Dhaka city. Our school is situated at Uttara Thana in Dhaka District.

Description: Our school was established in 1948. It is a very big High School. It is five storied building. There are fifty rooms in our school. One is Headmaster’s room, one is prayer room, one is common room, one is office room and others are the classes. Our school has also a hostel and a canteen. There is a big field in front of our school. Our school sits at 7:00 a.m. and break up at 11:45 p.m.

Students: There are four thousand students in our school. Most of the students are Muslims. The rest of them are Hindus. Our students are regular, punctual and sincere.

Teachers: There are sixty five teachers in our school. They are sympathetic to us. The teach us with care. Most of the teachers are higher educated and trained. Our Headmaster is an M.A. B.Ed. is a man of strict principle.

Library: Our school has a big library. The library has more than twelve thousand books. Our school library is well decorated. There are three big rooms in it. The two rooms are reading room. In the other room book are arranged in almirahs. Boys and girls have separate rooms.

Sports: Our school has a big play ground. We play football, Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton and other games. In inter school’s games and sports. Our school earns reputation every year.

Common room: Our school has a big common room. Some Bangla and English newspaper are available in the common room. There is a colour TV set in our common room. In leisure period student go to the common room read newspapers and watch Television.

Flower garden: There is a garden in front our school. There are many kinds of flowers in it. Most of them are roses. When the flowers are bloom, our school likes a piece of paradise. So, the scenery of our school is very nice.

Annual Function: Our school observes some annual functions such as the Annual sports, the prize giving ceremony, the annual milad, the shahid day and other national functions.

Co-curricular activities:  Our school has tradition of Co-curricular activities, like debate, drama, music and recitation. Our school has also scouts team.

Result: The results of our school are very good. Every year a good number of students pass the S.S.C Examination. Most of the students obtain A+ Grade. Some junior and primary students obtained scholarship every year.

Conclusion: Our school is one of the best schools in Dhaka city. Our school is well reputed. So, we are proud of our school.

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