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English Essay/Composition “Our Country/Home Land/ Mother Land”

Our Country/Home Land/ Mother Land

The name of our country is Bangladesh. It is an independent country; Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. Bangladesh becomes independent in 1971.

Bangladesh is a small country. Its total land area is 1, 47,570 Square kilometers. It lays the south East Asia. It is a riverine country.

There are six division and sixty four districts in our country.

Bangladesh is a country of plain lands. We have some hilly areas, in Chittagong and Sylhet. It is a country of monsoon.

Bangladesh is mainly an agricultural country. The land of Bangladesh is fertile. Its main crops are rice, jute, tea, wheat and sugar-cane. Tea grows well in Sylhet and Chittagong.

Many kinds of fruits also grow in our country. Jack-fruits, mangoes, bananas, pine-apples, guavas and water-melons are the most common fruits in Bangladesh.

Our country has also many rivers. The main rivers are the Padma, the Meghna, the Jamuna and the Karnaphuli. We get many kinds of fish from the river.

There are many kinds of interesting places in our country. The Sundarbans, Rangamati, and Cox’s Bazar are very attractive. Cox’s Bazar is the longest sea beach in the world. Many people visit these places every year.

There are about fourteen crore people in our country. About seventy percent of our people live in our village. Most of the people of our country are Muslim. The Bangladeshis people are well minded, gentle and polite.

Bangladesh is a peaceful country. The natural scenery of our country is very charming. We are proud of our country. We should work hard to develop our country.

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