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Dhaka Metro Rail Project – Essay

Dhaka Metro Rail Project

Introduction : Traffic congestion in Dhaka city has been a regular phenomenon. Due to traffic congestion, the valuable times of the citizen of Dhaka is wasted. Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is one of the most highly populated and traffic congested cities in the world with an ever increasing population of 15 million. With continued economic growth and development, unbearable traffic congestion all around the city has become a grim reality for its inhabitants. The congestion in Dhaka city is growing rapidly due to excessive (মাত্রাতিরিক্ত) population pressure and people’s tendency (97901) to urban living habits for easy livelihood. Due to the people’s movement from one place to another for daily activities, most of the roads remain occupied by vehicles and people face unbearable traffic congestion and waste the valuable times. If the city finds the solution of the congestion, the people will get reproved (মুক্তি) of unbearable traffic situation and can utilize those hours in other developing sectors. With keeping this traffic congestion in mind, the government has made some plans to implement. Dhaka metro rail is one of them.

History of Dhaka Metro Rail : Though the world’s first metro rail system opened in Bangladesh it is a totally new concept. The urgency to mitigate (91194 50) the mass trans The urgency to mitigate (লাঘব করা) the mass transportation problems in Dhaka prompted the Bangladesh government to seek expansion and modernization of the city’s mass transit mode. In 1998, Bangladesh government created the Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority. An urban transport plan was commissioned in 2008, wherein the government laid out a comprehensive transport naming Strategic Transport Plan (STP) for the greater Dhaka city and its adjoining areas. The plan on various key policy issues including safety, pedestrian preferences, public transport, non-motorized transport demand management, mass transit systems, etc. From 70 different policy recommendations under the STP, 10 comprehensive transportation strategies were evaluated. Later the Strategic Transport Plan was revised adopted plan includes construction of 5 Metro Rail Lines across the city. Under the Road Transport and highway Division of the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridge, the Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Development ECE (DMRTDP) was taken up by the government. In June 2013, Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited (DMTCL) was established by the government to implement the Metro Rail Lines across the city.

Dhaka Metro Rail at a Glance: 

Native name                -Bengali: ঢাকা মেট্রো

Locale                         – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Transit type                 – Rapid transit

Number of stations     – Under construction 16   planned 52

Number of lines          – Under construction : line 6, planned : Lines 1,5

Daily ridership            -483,000

Operator(s)                  – Dhaka Mass Transit Company Ltd.

System length             – 20.10 km

Track gauge                 – Standard gauge

Project cost                 – 21,985 crores

Desert Sino and Management : The deal (চুক্তি) for construction of the 20.1 kilometers, line 6, costing $ 2.8 billion, was signed by the government of Bangladesh with Japan International Cooperation Agency on 20 February 2013. The first route, originally projected to start from Uttara, a northern suburb of Dhaka, to Sayedabad in the south of the capital, was eventually extended north to Uttara and truncated south to Motijheel.

The project is being managed by the Communication Ministry’s Dhaka Transport Co-ordination Authority and a consortium of foreign as well as Bangladeshi firm known as NKDM Association is acting as General Consultant (GC). The project will be constructed under the supervision of (DMTCL) under the jurisdiction of Road Transport and Highway Division, Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges, Government of Bangladesh.

Metro Rail Project Cost : Bangladesh’s aim to build a metro rail project will cost $ 737.5 million to ease the movement of Dhaka city’s 15 million inhabitants. Of the total cost, JICA will provide 75 percent and the rest will be met by the government of Bangladesh. JICA will provide loans with 0.01 percent interest payable within 40 years, including a 10-year grace period.

Characteristics of Metro Rail in Dhaka : MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) LINE-6 is being implemented to make life easier, for everyone in Dhaka. It will run all the way from Uttara to Motijheel, covering the distance of 18.9 kilometers with 16 stations along the way. The stations are Uttara North, Uttara Center, Uttara South mrpur 11, Mirpur-10, Kazipara, Shewrapara, Agargoan, Bijoy Sarani, Framgate, Karwan Bazar. haka University, Bangladesh Secretariat and Motijheel. The approximate travel time will be a little

hour. To maintain and use MRT Line 6 properly, an internation standard Rolling Stock will be cu. There will be 24 sets of trains each set consisting of 6 cars initially with a plan for expanding to 8 cars per set in the future. In order to ensure safety for the passengers, Platform screen Door (PSD) will be cinstalled on all stations. The metro rail coaches will be equipped (সজ্জিত) with modern features like information display, well organized seating arrangements, air-conditioning with wheelchair accessibility on both ends of the train. During peak hours the trains will run every 4 minutes 30 seconds in 2021 and every 3 minutes 45 seconds in 2026. In 2021 an estimated 5 lakh passengers will commute by MRP Line 6 every day. The viaduct of the MRT Line 6 will be generally 10.4 m high. In order to reduce vibration and noise, Floating Slab Track, Continuous Welded Rails (CWR) and Noise Barrier wall will be installed wherever necessary.

Project Progress : To fulfill the dream of the metro rail, as of May 2015, soil testing for the line was completed. On 26 June 2016 the construction of the first section began and the construction for the second section began in July 2017. The project authority has plan for public operation by the end of 2019 and sometime in 2020, respectively.

Construction Steps and Future Plans : Under the project there are three lines, line 6, line 1 and line 5. MRT Line 6 is under construction. The construction work of MRT Line 6 will be completed in three steps. Pallabi Karwan Bazar part will be completed by 2019, Karwan Bazar-Motijheel part will be completed by 2020 and Uttara-Pallabi part will be completed by 2022. Then the last work of monitoring and the construction work of connectivity with one route to another will be completed by 2024. The MPT Line 1 will be implemented by Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited (DMTCL). JICA and the government of Bangladesh will finance to make MPT Line 1 to come true. The fulfilment time of the work has been fixed. It will be completed by 2025. The length of the line will be 27 km. while the length of MPT Line 5 will be 35 km. If MRT Line 5 is completed, in 2035 total 14,78,600 passengers will move daily. In doing all these the government of Bangladesh is trying to make the Dhaka free from traffic congestion and pollution.

The Advantages of Dhaka Metro Rail: If completed once, the Dhaka city people will have some certain advantages.

– Large number of people can move very easily and quickly.

– There will be no traffic congestion like roads.

– The people can have quick communication to their desired destination.

– In peak hours the people will not have wordiness to reach their working places in time as in 4 minutes there will be a train.

– The people will have sound pollution free transport as their will be sound barriers.

– Journey to work place will be enjoyable one as people can have modern train facilities and beautiful city

look from above.

-The metro rail will save thousands of working hours which will help people to engage themselves in different developing activities thus contributing economic development in our country.

– Travelling by metro rail is considered as the best means of travel as compared to driving by car. There will be less accidents than other transports.

– There will less pressure on roads so the Dhaka city will have newer look than before.

Conclusion: The Dhaka Metro Rail is an approved metro rail system under contraction in Dhaka, the capital and largest city of Bangladesh. Together with a separate BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system it has been called for to solve the extreme amount of traffic jams that occur throughout the entire city on Once finished, the Dhaka Metro rail will be the most time efficient, reliable, sare, come environment friendly solution, that will transform Dhaka into a more active, commutable, susta pollution free city.

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