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Composition/ Essay Writing

Important Essay (Composition) for Competitive Exam

1.   Journey By Train” or, A journey I have made
2.  Journey by Boat” or, A journey I have made
3.  Discipline
4.  My aim in life or, My future plan or, My dream
5. A village fair. 
6.  Birds of Bangladesh
7. My favourite Hobby.
8. The Season I like Best
9. Physical Exercise
10. Flood in Bangladesh
11. Village Market
12. Student Life

13. Science in everyday life
14. Rivers of Bangladesh
15. The rainy season
16. The postman
17. Fruits of Bangladesh
18. Our Country/Home Land/ Mother Land”
19. News paper, Importance of reading Newspaper
20. Our School
21. Our Village”, Our Native Village
22.  Duties of a student or, Student and social service
23.  Rainy season in Bangladesh
24.  Science in everyday life
26. Computer 
27. Tree Plantation 
28.  A Book Fair I Visited
29. A trade fair I visited 
30.  Discipline 

31.  Value of time
32.  Television 
36. My Favourite Person (Teacher)
37. The prize giving ceremony of our school
38. My visit to a place of historical interest
39.  Digital Bangladesh
40. Co-curricular activities in our school
41. Social Networking Service
42.  Price Hike in Bangladesh
43.  Fruits of Bangladesh

44.  Corruption in Bangladesh
45.  The Life a of a garment worker
46.  The 21st February, International Mother Language Day
47. Duties of a student
48. Rainy season in Bangladesh
49. Uses and Abuses of Facebook
50. Digital Bangladesh: Vision-2021
51. Child Labour in Bangladesh
52. Biodiversity and Climate Change
53. The Significance of 7th March Speech
54. Liberation War of Bangladesh
55. Globalization and Bangladesh
56. Patriotism
57. International Mother Language Day
58. Independence Day Celebration
59. Good Governance in Bangladesh
60. Rural Development in Bangladesh
61. Violence Against Women in Bangladesh
62. Traffic Congestion/Jam in Dhaka City
63. Bangabandhu Satellite
64. Agriculture Sector in Bangladesh
65. Impact of Science on Modern Life
66. International War Crime Tribunal
67. Rohingya Crisis : Effects and Solutions
68. National Unity for Development
69. Garments Industry in Bangladesh
70. Corruption-free Society
71. The Role of the Press in Nation-building
72. Global Warming

73. Sustainable Development Goals & Bangladesh
74. Empowerment of Women in Bangladesh
75. Drug Addiction in Bangladesh
76. Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh
77. Environmental Pollution
78. Democracy and Development
79. IT Education in Bangladesh
80. The Padma Bridge
81. Dhaka Metro Rail Project
82. Bangla New Year – Noboborsha -Pahela Baishakh
83. Quality of Education in Bangladesh
84. Life in the Village
85. My Favorite Author-The Author I Like Most
86. Reading Books as a Pastime

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