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Bangla New Year – Noboborsha -Pahela Baishakh -Essay

Bangla New Year – Noboborsha -Pahela Baishakh

Introduction : Pahela Baishakh is the first day of Bangla new year. In Bangladesh, it is celebrated on April 14 according to the official calendar amended by the Bangla Academy. It comes to us to remember us and enthusiasm of Bengali-ness. It is a symbol of the majesty and legacy of our Bengali culture.

Why celebrated : Pahela Baishakh has been playing a symbolic role for our culture and heritage. It remind us the Bengali tradition, culture, custom and belief. The Bengali-speaking people all over the world eagerly waits for this day because it is an exclusive and unique day in their lives. For this, the day is celebrated w different festivities by the Bengalis. After our independence, it became a national festival, a mark of the Bangladesh nationalist movement and a fundamental part of the people’s cultural heritage.

Pahela Baishakh has been considerably enriched by poets, writers, painters, musicians and educationists. Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore explained Pahela Baishakh as philosophy of unity in Bengali nationalism. He loved to mention Pahela Baishakh in his many addresses, essays, letters and dramas.

How started : People start the day with great enthusiasm. The day’s first programme begins at dawn at Ramna Batamul. Chhayanat, a leading cultrul organization, organizes the programme. A large number of people wearing traditional dresses attend the programme. The day also marks the opening of a new business year across Bangladesh. Merchants and businessmen open new books of accounts, looking forward to a better year of luck, known as “Hal Khata”.

How celebrated : The day is also spent eating, visiting friends and relatives and exchanging gifts. People enjoy themselves taking part in different festivals and different functions. The day is celebrated in the nook and corner of the country. Early in the morning men, women, young boys and girls come out form their house wearing traditional dresses. Men wear colourful Punjabi and women wear saris with red and white colour. In the local city people start the day with different socio-cultural activities. People living in Dhaka city prefer to go to Ramna Batomul because the day’s first programme starts from here. They often start their day with the traditional morning meal of watery rice (Panta Bhat) with the exotic fried Hilsha fish, accompanied by green chilies and onion. People near by Dhaka city also come here to enjoy the day. People involved in various cultural activities arrange different functions.

People gather to enjoy the functions. Children find the day as a source of entertainment. They enjoy the Baiskakhi Mela very much and buy different toys and food items. People also go out in the company of near or dear ones. They also entertain their guests with Bengali food. The day comes with joy and goes with lots of joyous moments in our mind.

Role of Media : Bangladesh Television will telecast the programme live from 6 a.m. in the morning. National dailies will bring out special supplements while Bangladesh Betar and Bangladesh Television will air special programmes on the occasion.

Conclusion : It inspires us to keep our tradition alive. It also forbids us to forget our own culture and belief which are prevalent in our society for a long period of time. However, we all should come forward for the development of the country through Bangla new year by communal harmony, protecting the rights of the poor, children and women.

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