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Application writing

-: Some important Applications for different competitive exams :-

1. Application for buying more books for the school library. 
2. Application for permission to arrange a school fair in the school fair.

3.  An application for advance leave
4. An application for starting/ setting up a canteen.
5.  Application for increasing common room facilities.
6. Application for opening a common room.
7.  Application for a study tour/excursion/ picnic in a historical place.
8.  Application to your Principal for remission of delay fine.
9.  Application for a transfer certificate.
10. Application for sinking a tube well. 
11. Application for a testimonial
12.Application for seat in the school hostel.
13. Application for allowing as a candidate of scholarship Examination.
14. Application for re-admission.
15. Application for monetary help from the poor fund.
16. Application for holding school morning (Morning School) 
17. Application for organizing a literary club in our school.
18. Application for increasing library facilities.
19. Application for leave of absence.

20. Application for a half holiday / Friendly football match
21. Application for full free studentship
22. Application for admission in a new a School.
23.  Application for permission to arrange a school fair in the school fair.
24. Application for setting up a computer club.
25. Application for constructing a bridge. (1)
26. Application for constructing a bridge.(2) 

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