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Application to the chairman for repairing the damage bridge.

*** Write an application to the chairman of your union council for repairing the damage bridge.
24th March, 2018
The Chairman
Mominpur Union Council
Shrepur, Gazipur
Subject:  Application for repairing the damage bridge.
Dear Sir,
I, on behalf of the people of the village Mominpur, would like to draw your kind attention to the fact that the main road leading to Shrepur from our village has been badly damaged by the recent terrible flood. The road has almost closed and no vehicle can ply along the roads. As a result, the villagers specially the students of different schools and colleges are in utmost suffering. Even  walking on foot at night has become dangerous because of the holes in all the roads. So, it is a crying need to repair the damaged roads as soon as possible.
In the circumstances stated above, I, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to take necessary steps to repair the damaged road and oblige there by.
Your’s faithfully,
‘Forkan Ali’
On behalf of the people of
Mominpur, Shrepur.

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