An email forbidding to copy in the examination.

Write an email to your younger brother forbidding him to copy in the examination.

To                   :

Subject        : Forbidding copy in the examination.

Dear Noman,

Remember, JSC examination is an important public examination in the life of a student. So utilize the time before the examination by studying heart and soul to make a brilliant result. You should not adopt any unfair means in the examination. If you do so, you will darken your life. Copying in the examination is  strongly prohibited in our country and it is hoped that you will learn to be honest from your student life. Copying in the examination is nothing but killing the self. So to cut a good figure in the examination, be attentive to your studies.

Your brother

Gazi Sharif 

Conditional Sentence: Practice with answer
An email about annual sports of your school.

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