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About Admin

About Admin

 Name              : Gazi Sharif
Profession      : Teaching
Nationality   : Bangladeshi

Religion         : Islam(Sunni)
Blood group  : A+(Positive)
Height           : 5Feet 8.5 Inch


Promoted 14th NTRCA (Both Preliminary, Written and VIVA). Finally recommended for a Girls’ High School.

M.Ed (Master of Education): DU


Completed M.Ed  (Master of Education)DU

B.Ed (Bachelor of Education): NU

Completed B.Ed  (Bachelor of Education)NU

MA in ELT (Jahangirnagar University)

Completed BA (Hons), MA in ELT under Jahangirnagar University. (Bangladesh) 

BSc in Physics (Jagannath University)

Completed B.Sc in physics (3 semesters) under Jagannath University, Dhaka.

HSC (Ideal College, Dhaka)

Completed Higher Secondary (H.S.C) from ideal College,  Dhaka

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