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My Favourite Game-Paragraph

My favourite Game

There are many kinds of games in our country. Of all the games, I like football most. Football is my favourite game. It is a common and very popular game in Bangladesh. Football is played in an open large field. The game is played between  two teams. Each team has eleven players. There are a goal keeper, two backs, three half backs and five forwards on each side. A ball is placed at the centre. A referee conducts the game. When he whistles, the game starts. When a team nets a ball against goal, the players shout loudly and say goal. The team which scores more goal wins the game. Football is my favourite game. In the evening I play football with my friends. It is my favourite game because it has some usefulness. It is very popular and easy to play. It is not as costly as cricket. It gives us much joy. It is an exciting) game. It thrills both players and the spectators. 

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