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A paragraph on “Classroom”, Our Classroom


Classroom means a room of an educational institution, where students go on their study all together. I am a student of class seven. My classroom is in the south east corner of our school building. It is forty five feet long and thirty feet wide. It can accommodate sixty students. There are two doors and four windows in our classroom. So plenty of light and air can easily enter into the room. The room is well electrified with three fans and two tube lights. We use the fans and lights when it is necessary. There are twenty four low and twenty four high benches in the room. We sit in the low benches and keep our books on the high benches. There is a high blackboard on the front wall of the room. There are also a chair and a table for teachers. The teacher sits on the chair and keeps his duster, chalk and other teaching aid on the table. The walls and ceiling are nicely white washed. There is no wall writing in our classroom. We keep the room neat and clean. We fell fresh and comfortable in the class room. We like our classroom very much.

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