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A letter to your friend thanking him for his hospitality.

*** Suppose that you recently spent a week in your friend’s house. You were the most entertaining guest there. You have been very much charmed there by the warm hospitality of your friend. Now write a letter to your friend thanking him for his hospitality.

February 13, 2018
My Dear Rose,  
My Dear Rose,

At first you take my love. I hope you are keeping well. Many many thanks for the wonderful week I spent with you. My stay with you was really delightful. I will never forget these happy days. Your mother was so nice to me. She is an intimate woman. She is a woman of good taste. I am very grateful to your father too. He was very busy. But he made time to take us on cultural programmes in the evenings. I enjoyed every day, every hour, every moment of your hospitality. I never enjoyed myself so much anywhere. The memory of my staying with you will remain ever fresh in my mind.

No, more today, more when we shall meet again. Convey my best regards to your parents and love for the youngers.

Your loving friend


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