Report on a village Fair Held at Maijdee. Gazi Online School

Suppose you had a chance to pay a visit to a village fair at your locality last month.  Now prepare a report on that fair for the daily paper you are working for.


A village Fair Held at Maijdee

Abdul Hakim

Staff Correspondent

Maijdee, Noakhali: 15 April: A village fair was held at Maijdee in Noakhali.

It was held in the local bazaar of the village. Being there I was astonished seeing the festive mood among all the people irrespective of age, sex, race and religion.

It was an arrangement of selling and buying, gambling, jugglery and cultural functions. The stall of the fair were fairly decorated and arranged according to the articles, Shopkeepers, artists and artisans set up their stalls with goods such as toys, sweet-meats, cosmetics, handicrafts, tapestries, bamboo-made goods and many attractive items. Merry-go-round, puppet show, magic show and circus were special attraction of the fair. A circus party brought tiger, elephants, monkeys, horses and bears to entertain the viewers.

Children and boys and girls were highly amused. They enjoyed the fair to a great extent. They bought fancy good like, bangles, ribbons, bamboo flute, balloons etc. They also bought sweetmeats and earth made dolls. They rode merry-go-round and enjoyed puppet show. Beside the fair there were also gambling parties. Many took part in gambling many of whom seemed to be very sad as thy lost money in gambling.

The fair was very crowded and not so tidy. Nevertheless the villagers enjoyed the fair to a great extent. 

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