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Water Logging in Dhaka city


Mouli Islam, Dhaka, Malibag January 09: Water logging in different parts of the city of Dhaka is very acute. At present it has taken a serious turn. The sufferings of the city dwellers beggar is description. They have been pursuing the government repeatedly to put a solve to the problem. Moreover, to solve this problem is rather difficult. But steps may be taken to reduce the problem.

Buildings have been constructed in an unplanned way blocking the sewerage line ignoring the rules prescribed by the RAJUK. The rainwater of Dhaka city falls to the Buriganga through some canals. These canals have already been filled in and numerous buildings have been constructed there making the problem more acute. During the rainy day people have to walk through knee-deep water. The vehicles stop running. The concerned authority has been requested several times to solve the water logging problem. It has become a very crucial problem for the city dwellers. In this connection attempts should be made to reclaim the occupied canals so that the water of Dhaka city can flow unhindered. If this can be done, the problem of water logging of Dhaka city be solved to some extent.

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