Devastating consequences of drug addiction - Report Writing

        Suppose that you are a reporter of a newspaper published from Dhaka. Now, you are asked to write a report on the devastating consequences of drug addiction in the context of Bangladesh.

Devastating consequences of drug addiction

Mizanur Rahman, Uttara, Dhaka, 10 January : The number of drug addicts in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. Most of them are unemployed and frustrated youths, coming of noble families. They have become a great headache to their parents. It is reported that a number of youths belonging to the respectable families have already gone astray owing to the fatal trap of drugs. They do not feel hesitant to commit any crime like robbery, snatching, kidnapping, killing just to collect money to buy harmful drugs. Taking harmful drugs, they cause great harm to their bodies. They create disturbance not only in their own family but also  in society. Social stability is hampered by them. As they lose morality, they do not feel bad to tease girls or women and eve to rape them.

According to the dependable sources, most of the cities and towns of Bangladesh have become the crime zone. Specially the slum areas are the sanctuary of the drug businessmen and the addicted. Consequently people cannot sleep opening their windows. Passers-by don’t feel secured at night. Because the addicts disturb them and snatch their belongings.

Government should take necessary measures to stop drug trafficking and help the addicted youths to come back to normal life.

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