Paragraph about " Your visit to a Book Fair."

Your visit to a Book Fair

A book fair is a fest (উৎসব) of book. In a book fair different types (ধরন) of books are displayed. To me, a book fair is a paradise (স্বর্গ )of books. Now-a-days (আজকাল/এখনকার দিনে) it has become very popular. In our country many book fairs are held in different places every year. The two main book fairs are the Ekushe Boi Mela and Dhaka Boi Mela. I was very lucky to visit the Ekushe Boi mela this year.

I went there with some of my friends. When I entered (প্রবেশ) the main ghate of the fair, I saw all sorts (প্রকার/ধরন/রকম) of books such as fictions (কল্পকাহিনী/মিথ্যাগল্প/উপন্যাস), text-books, dramas (নাটক), children books, reference books etc. Men, women and children of all ages and classes gathered (ভীড়) there. Mainly the young boys and girls gathered in the fair to collect their liking (পছন্দের) books. The stalls were occupied (দখল) by different publishers (প্রকাশক). From a book stall, I bought some of my favourite books of my favourite writers. In the evening (সন্ধ্যায়) I saw many poets, novelists (উপন্যাসিক) and writers came to visit the fair. In the book fair I found that seminars (সভা) and cultural programmers are also held. I was very delighted (আনন্দিত) to enjoy a staged drama (মঞ্চ নাটক) based on the language movement (আন্দোলন) of 1952.  I enjoyed the whole evening at the book fair. I stayed there for about three hours. After visiting the fair, I started for home in the late evening. I was very delighted (আনন্দিত) visiting such a fair that the memory of the book fair will remain ever fresh in my heart.

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